Five-minute test on highly accurate, affordable Revo® 1100 peripheral vascular diagnostic system produces hard-copy reports required for reimbursement. The system’s new VascuLink® networking software speeds test results to vascular labs, specialists.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (Aug. 24, 2009) – Unetixs Vascular Inc. has enhanced its Revo® 1100 Peripheral Vascular Diagnostic system with the addition of VascuLink® networking and reporting software. Affordable for even single-physician practices, the new system enables primary care physicians, podiatrists and cardiologists or their technologists to quickly diagnose patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). It immediately produces accurate diagnostic hard copy reports and waveforms required for Medicare reimbursement, and can transmit the data via intranet or Internet to a vascular lab or specialist.

“We designed the new system for today’s budget-conscious environment,” said Peter A. Moscovita, president of Unetixs Vascular Inc. “The result is that many more doctors will be able conduct highly efficient and accurate PAD tests, and the multitude of undiagnosed patients among the estimated 12 million Americans with PAD will receive early treatment that is less costly in both economic and human terms.”

The Revo® 1100 diagnostic system with VascuLink® software incorporates technology found in the Unetixs Reference Lab MultiLab systems used in leading vascular labs worldwide. It includes a full-color, high-resolution touch screen; integrated auto-sequencing, four-port blood pressure cuff connection; and an internal processor that runs on Windows XP Pro. The Revo 1100 prints high-resolution, full-page color reports on its included HP color page printer, and the completed reports are saved as .pdf files for on-site or remote viewing and diagnosis. The VascuLink networking software allows for patient exams to be securely transmitted electronically to a central location for diagnosis, and then further integrated into an EMR, PACS or DICOM system for longterm storage and review.

Reliable Technology Hard-copy waveform tracings at the ankle using calibrated pulse volume recording (C-PVR) or continuous wave Doppler, and an ankle brachial index (ABI) are required for reimbursement under CPT code 93922. With Unetixs’ ultra sensitive photoplethysmographic (PPG) probes incorporated in detachable molded digit clips, the technologist or physician can perform a complete bilateral PAD exam in 5 minutes or less. In a few minutes more, the provider experienced in the use of Doppler ultrasound can obtain individual pressures from the dorsalis pedis and posterior tibial arteries to detect reduced blood flow in specific arteries with Unetixs’ TruDop® continuous wave Doppler probes (available in 8 and 5 MHz models). Training

Unetixs provides CME credit-qualifying education on the Revo® 1100 and other peripheral vascular diagnostic systems at its training facility in Rhode Island, through CME approved textbooks, or at client sites in cooperation with Marsha Neumyer, BS, RVT, of Vascular Diagnostic Educational Services.

Unetixs also supports and recommends education programs provided by the Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU ), Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS ), American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS ), Institute for Advanced Medical Education (IAME ), Gulf Coast Ultrasound (GCUS ) and other vascular courses to prepare candidates for accreditation by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) or the American College of Radiology (ACR), and for technologists and physicians to achieve Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) or Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) certification.

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